1. Just Collect: If you’ve got ’em, they want ’em! Just Collect is said to be the country’s top buyer for vintage cards. They also make it really easy by offering an online appraisal form.
  2. Tuff Stuff: Read through their memorabilia news articles and check out their pricing guides to see what your cards are worth.
  3. Cycleback: Not just for baseball but all sports. This simple yet helpful blog will teach you how to start your collection as a beginner.
  4. Cardboard Connection: A place for all sports fans. This blog will teach you to how to find the value of your collection through eBay.
  5. Call to the Pen: Find news, history, videos and more for all your baseball needs. What’s better is they also cover other sports including football, soccer and basketball.
  6. Fan Graphs: This fun site is made up of compiled data centered around scores, standings and leaders. There’s also some interesting articles to read through as well.
  7. MLB: This is an obvious resource for us baseball fans. Major League Baseball is legit and has all the hottest information.
  8. Baseball Reference: Find your favorite teams and players, check their stats and stay up to speed with what’s going on in the season.

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