Did You Know?

The largest collection of baseball cards, open to the public, is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is made up of over 31,000 cards!

Card collecting has been a huge part of baseball for decades and continues to be a hobby for many dedicated fans. It’s not only fun but if you’re one of the lucky ones, can potentially turn into a money maker. Although, many fans aren’t in it for the cost value and simply enjoy the thrill that goes into hunting for unique cards. So, if you’re a baseball fan, looking to start a new hobby or perhaps you’re already a seasoned collector, you’ve definitely come to the right place. On this site you’ll find a ton of information of how to start collecting and what you can do to better your existing collection. I’ve created pages breaking town key elements and what to look out for, as well as the grading process that goes into rating cards. If you’ve been collecting for awhile and are interested in learning how much money you might be sitting on, Memorabilia Baseball Card can help you in finding those answers.

Keep an Eye Out

I love to cover all the various auctions that take place on line. These events can offer some amazing finds but also do great things in connecting people to the community. To make it easier, you’ll be able to see what items are hot and where you can find them. Bidding goes fast so you won’t want to miss out! While this website mostly focuses on the collecting, trading and selling of cards, I’ll also be listing other rarities like jerseys, autographed balls and up to date news throughout the season.

Ways to Collect

Be sure to read the page dedicated to this topic for a more thorough explanation. There are many different ways one can build their collection and for a newbie it can be a little overwhelming. Here is a brief list to keep you focused while you start so you know what to look for and ensure that your money is being well spent from the very beginning.

Types of Cards:

  • Vintage– Some of the easiest cards to find
  • Rookie– Unique and harder to find
  • Graded– Cost more than other cards but can be well worth it
  • Single or packs– Less control with packs of cards but you could get lucky


  • Individual players
  • Club members
  • Major League/Rookie
  • Retired players
  • Vintage
  • Autographed

These lists aren’t the only ways you can go about putting your collection together but it’s a great place to start and will quickly give you experience. For me, it took awhile to learn which is why I created this website. I wanted to share my knowledge and pass it along to those interested in the hobby. My name is Mel Martello out of Jackson County, Mississippi. If you have any questions regarding card collecting and selling, feel free to visit my Contact Me page to send an email. Looking forward to chatting with you.